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Do you want to use the social media effectively for your business decisions, sales strategies, sales promotions and marketing strategies?

YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT SPACE NOW. Please go through our offerings in detail to understand how we can help you out.

Assume for a moment you are in a firm which makes T-shirts and that you are in process of launching your new product for your young customers. Sales plan and marketing plan will be done generally through traditional marketing techniques like past sales, history evaluation etc. Instead, you can use the Social media for your forecast plans. How is this possible? This is where we play a role in helping you to achieve this. We design your input plug-ins for social media websites like facebook, twitter etc. Assume that this plug-in prompts the consumer communities to ask for their T Shirt Size, color taste, age and geography. Over a period of time quite a lot of information from your consumers will flow in. We then manipulate and transform the data and load it into your BI tools. Your management can view different reports like size based, color based, age based and geography based demands. With these reports, you can come out with a clear sales plan and integrate the production plan. Just think on the impact on your business

  • You will produce to the needs of your customers
  • Non-moving inventory can be reduced
  • Production setup costs can be optimized
  • Raw materials can be planned based on the foreseen demands

How we do this is explained subsequently.

Converting Social Media Data into Business Intelligence

Transform real-time social media data into noise-free, actionable intelligence

Businesses that make timely, accurate and informed decisions gain a significant competitive advantage. These decisions depend on relevant, real-time, quality data. However, gathering the data, transforming it into understandable information and loading it into business intelligence (BI) tools is easier said than done. And today, there's another issue at hand. How do you transform an exponentially expanding cloud of social media data into actionable intelligence?

The key to success is to figure out how to easily extract real-time intelligence before your competitors do - and to find clever ways to analyze these new sources. The technology is available and mature, and companies including high profile brands and lower-profile innovators are re-defining their businesses by leveraging real-time social media data. Business analysts and decision makers can then spend their time extracting greater intelligence from the data and less time worrying about collecting or accessing the data. Think about the impact to your business if you could automatically add high-value Web data to your market intelligence, pricing intelligence, financial intelligence or any other business intelligence application. Until recently, this seemed like an impossible feat, or at least cost prohibitive based on the man hours involved.

Typically, businesses employ expensive implementation cycles for gathering back-office data and feeding it into BI systems. Data moves back and forth between systems via tedious Extract Transform Load (ETL) methods. Complex master-data management (MDM) schemes are employed to make sense of everything. This process taxes internal IT departments, adds layers of expense, and consumes a lot of time.

Data feeds from blogs, forums, Facebook, twitter and other social communities on the Web are predominantly unstructured text. This fountain of value contains some noise, and most enterprises view it as a fire hose. It's interesting, but there's no way to consume it in an organized fashion and gain useful insights.

We build ETL system to automatically collect, harvest, or scrape real-time social media data. Automated scripts extract the useful information from targeted Web sites (Facebook, twitter, search engines, forums and discussion groups). Any data that can be seen in a Web browser can be easily harvested without coding to APIs. The process of extracting, filtering, and analyzing social media data to make a prediction can all be accomplished within a few hours.

Our solutions help organizations of every shape and size access, enrich and serve Web data regardless of its origin. The information could be live, unstructured data from Web sites. Or, it could reside in existing, data warehouses within the enterprise.

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